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As a birth and postpartum doula, I believe that pregnancy, labor and birth are a time of great vitality, wondrous changes and new beginnings.  This is what women are artfully created to be fully capable of doing!  The birth of a new family is a sacred time as well and I believe in facilitating new parents to discover and bond with their new arrival and develop confidence in meeting their child's needs.


Through the influence of my own varied birth and postpartum experience, I began to understand that the journey to parenthood can be unpredictable and dynamic.  I have come to realize that through education and encouragement, families can create a space in which they feel respected and supported in reaching their birth and parenting goals, whatever they may be.  


I currently reside in Brush Prairie, Washington with my husband, four sons, ages 13, 11, 9, and 6, and three energetic dogs.  I also have an older son that is working hard at University.  Each of my children's births were a transformative experience and gave me further insight and understanding of the dynamic process that is labor, birth and a changing family.  


My first birth was a natural, hospital birth with many interventions and the second was a fast hospital birth with no time for interventions.  My third son was a natural, hospital birth with a wonderful doula!  In my experience, it was profound the difference that having the continous presence of a doula made during his birth (for both me and my husband).  My fourth son was also born in a hospital with a doula, however due to extenuating circumstances, I found that my needs were very different during his birthing time and chose to have an epidural.  Having a doula present during a more challenging birth was priceless.  My fifth (and last!) son was born at home with the support of my  family, midwife and amazing doula.


I also found my postpartum experiences to be very different in the degree of physical healing, emotional adjustment and education needed.


Becoming a mother has been my greatest achievement.

My Training
Certified Birth Doula (DONA) - 2009


Postpartum Doula (DONA Trained) - 2010


Birthing From Within Mentor - 2010

Certified in Pre&Perinatal Massage - 2010
Certified Aromatherapist - 2010
BA Psychology - 1996