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Placenta Encapsulation Services

The practice of placentophagy or the ingestion of placenta has been done throughout history and in many different cultures.  Currently, this practice is experiencing a revival as it is being recognized as very beneficial for postpartum healing.  While there are many ways to consume the placenta after birth, placenta encapsulation is considered the most palatable as it allows the mother to ingest her placenta in easy to take capsule form.  

Benefits of Taking Placenta Capsules:


Placenta capsules are considered to help:


  • Balance hormone levels in the first weeks after the birth

  • Increase breastmilk production

  • Increase maternal energy

  • Bring the body back into balance

  • Decrease postpartum mood flucuations 

  • Shorten postpartum bleeding

  • Assist the uterus in returning to pre-pregnancy size

  • Increase postpartum iron levels


Placenta encapsulation is a simple, safe and natural way to support your postpartum period.

The Placenta's Healing Components:


  • Oxytocin: A crucial hormone that facilitates feelings of "love" and "bonding".  It is a primary hormone present during labor, birth and breastfeeding.

  • Gammaglobulin: Protects against postpartum infections by boosting the immune system.

  • Urokinase Inhibiting Factor & Factor XIII: Stops bleeding and promotes wound healing.

  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: Helps with the recovery from stressful events and boosts energy.

  • Gonadotrophin: The precursor to estogen, progesterone and testosterone.

  • Interferon: Protects against infection by stimulating the immune system.

  • Cortisone: Combats stess and unlocks stores of energy

  • Hemoglobin: Replenishes iron deficiency and prevents anemia.

  • Prostaglandins: Anti-inflammatory

  • Prolactin: Promotes lactation

Placenta Tincture:


A placenta tincture can also be a wonderful aid for providing energy, stress relief and hormone stabilization whenever you are going through a major transistion such as a returning menstrual cycle or menopause. 


A placenta tincture is created by removing a small portion of the raw placenta and placing it in 4 ounces of high proof alcohol.  It is then allowed to extract for at least 6 weeks.  The tincture can then be taken by drops under the tongue or in a glass of water.  

Preparation Process:


After your birth, I come to you and pick up your placenta.  I follow OSHA and EPA guidelines during the preparation of your placenta.  All materials utilized for preparation are either disposable or thoroughly sterilized between each use.  I use only vegan capsules.

I offer the traditional method (TCM) of placenta encapsulation that is designed to tonify and warm your healing body.  This process involves cleaning and gently steaming the placenta with beneficial herbs.  The placenta is then dehydrated, ground and encapsulated.  While each placenta is unique in it's size and substance, a typical placenta prepared in this method will yield anywhere from 90-170 capsules. 


I also offer a raw encapsulation that is great for intense, short-term hormone and nutrient replacement.  This process bypasses the steaming step and the placenta is rinsed, dehydrated, ground, and encapsulated.  This method tends to provide a great energy boost, however,  it may be contraindicated for those with a history of anxiety.  This method will typically yield more capsules then the TCM method.


If both options sound good, I offer a combo preparation.  TCM capsules can be stored in a cold, dark place for up to year, then transferred to the freezer where they will last indefinately.  I typically recommend to store raw capsules in cold, dark place and consume within the first year. 


During this process, I  create a beautiful imprint of your placenta.  This is a way to honor the sacred work your placenta has done in nourishing your baby and now, yourself.  I also remove the umbilical cord and dehydrate it into a keepsake for you to keep.


When the capsules and keepsakes are finished, I will return the final product to you and provide counsel on dosage and care of your capsules.  I aim to delivery your capsules within three days of your birth, although it is typically sooner.

Service Fee:


My standard fee for the TCM method of placenta encapsulation (including the placenta print and umbilical cord keepsake) is $250.

My standard fee for the raw method of placenta encapsulation (including the placenta print and umbilical cord keepsake) is $200.

A combination preparation of both TCM and raw methods (including the placenta print and umbilical cord keepsake) is $275.


Placenta tincture preparation is an additional $25.00.

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